Sentier Des Douaniers Toulon

Top unexpected guided tours in Toulon

Following unusual itineraries, discover the town of Toulon and its roadstead, a town of  unknown architecture and traditions far away from its image of France’s first military habour. Embark for a visit with your local guide from the Var-Region.

Toulon, Art-Deco Style and Roaring Twenties

In this Naval Seaboard town the 1920s and the Art-Deco Style have left a deep impression behind. Three important sites emerge from the visit: The covered market, rue Jean Jaures and Avenue maréchal Foch. A remarkable architecture has been blending different materials ranging from stylised decorative motifs and linear geometric rigor. On your way and thanks to your guide discover some more emblematical places where Toulon’s history is rooted through the prism of the Roaring Twenties.



The extraordinary destiny of La-Seyne-sur-Mer

Starting at Toulon we will cross the roadstead by “bateau-bus” (motorboat) That is the best way of joining La-Seyne-sur-Mer because there is a 360°degree view of 500years old history. Fortresses of the 16th century lead to the modern military Frigates Aviso. Back to shore in La Seyne your guide will tell you everything about the industriel buildings, witnesses of the  past, the famous
Railway-Turntable, built in 1920 which has become the emblem of the town, or even more about the naval shipyards (1711-1989). Today this site has being transformed into a 12acres landscaped park.


Modern times in Toulon: Chalucet district

Discovering the Second Empire while strolling through the Chalucet-district will help you to seize the marks which were left by the early beginning of Tourism and luxury hotels, the development of “pleasure trains” which stopped at every seaside-resort, Opera bouffe, the first museums  and botanical gardens rich on seldom species, being brought from the colonies or maritime expeditions to Toulon. Toulon has gone through this period which appreciated so much exessiveness.


Godesses, saints and traditions in Toulon

Toulon, Frances first military port, holds a discreet past which is at the same time fervent and joyful. The antique port and later the medieval port always have integrated the way of live and the customs of different countries. Churches and monasteries  flourished and traditions of the city were born. From the market to the cathedral, from the grand lavoir to the ancient theater stories of the old town can be told which permits to evoke the ancient carnaval, the “glacières” (natural ice-caves) or the medicinal potions of the Capucins.


A different stroll in Toulon

From the “Royal Tower” the sight onto Toulon is just spectacular. During centuries the corsairs, the redoutable Barberousse,
divers and military engineers were seized by the beauty of the site. These people were in contact with the fisher-men of “La Mitre”. Officers settled down here nearby and had magnificient villas built. Following the coastal footpath between beach and hills, you will discover the fortresses, the beaches and the residential district which is in contrast to Toulon,which was rebuilt after the war.