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Top unexpected guided tours in Nice

We no longer present NICE….its promenade and palaces…. Nice is much more than that.
It is a long history which is rooted in the distant Antiquity where it first was a massaliote colony, then roman, in turn sarde, piemontaise then french before becoming “the place where to be” for the aristocracy from all over the world. With our guides let,s discover Nice and all its facets!

Splendor of the Baroque nicois

Nice lets itself be discovered in the intimacy of what brings it aesthetically closer to nearby Italy. Its baroque churches, the cathedral Sainte-Reparate, the church of Sainte-Rita, the chapel of the white penitents, the church of Saint-Francois-de-Paul…. All these sacred buildings, historical monuments, are located in the old town and are mirrors of the XVII and XVIII centuries, ostentatious and overflowing with creativity.



The Art of living “à la niçoise”

Aquit si parla Nissart!  –  Nissart is spoken here! Try and get aquainted with Nice, its strong character, discover its language, the people and their customs. Have an original approach the time of an exhaustive walk, during which your guide takes you far from the beaten track. You dive into legends and anecdotes and between two typical architectures you taste the succulent and authentic “Bagnat-Bread“.


The Second Empire and the “Belle Epoque” in Nice

Queen Victoria stayed several times in Nice, dragging the first british tourists in her wake. The heights of the city, where these newcomers settled for the winter, are adorned with grandiose villas. The artists and architects of this time competed  in talent to express the taste for the excessiveness of the Second Empire, the “fete imperiale” and the innovations at the turn of the century.


Nice…in the footsteps of artists

From the Promenade des Anglais to old Nice, this walk offers places and landscapes known all over the world, thanks to Dufy, Picasso, Mossa or Matisse,  seduced by the light or by a perspective, these painters set up their easels in front of the Casino on the pier,
on the Cours Saleya to immortalize the carneval, or at the feet of the boats on the quay of the port where major events took place.


Treasure hunt in Roman times

An object was stolen from the Archaeological Museum which caused a Spatio-temperal fault. Your mission:  Find Epicadux Velox, a soldier stranded in our time, who must be helped to return to antiquity thanks to you. You have two hours to save him. The adventure takes place in Cemenelum, the ancient Roman city, located in the Cimiez district, on the heights of Nice.