Tourism in Brignoles

in the Var, the town of Brignoles lacks neither character nor tourist attractions. You will like to stroll in its shopping streets, to stop at the shaded terrace of a café or a restaurant, to discover the frescoes painted on the vault of a church, to admire an old house, to flush out hidden fountains…

Food stores, bakeries, supermarkets, hairdressers, florists, newsagents, chemists, this town offers you the services you expect for a vacation in the best conditions of comfort.

In Brignoles, nature is always there. Vacation rhymes with hiking? You can walk along the hiking trails in this unspoiled area of Provence Verte. Many nature activities can be practiced in Provence Verte. Would you like to take part in a climbing session? Would you like to try horse riding?

In Brignoles, as everywhere in the region, gastronomic specialties are a tourist attraction. Indeed, cuisine is part of the identity of Brignoles, where passionate producers make products (re)live.

Discover remarkable tourist sites and monuments such as the Castle of Saint-Christophe, the dolmen of the Adrets, the Church of Saint-Sauveur de Brignoles, the Roman House, the Palace of the Counts of Provence… You can contact the Tourist Office of Brignoles to get all the tourist sights in the area.

You want to stay in Southern France? The campsite is in the spotlight in the Var. You can also find guest rooms and hotels for all prices. Discover quality accommodation.

Provence Verte

Bathed by the Argens River and its tributaries, this natural region is renowned for its wooded hills. Nature activities are very present: cycling, walking, canoeing on the Argens… Provence Verte can also be visited for its heritage, with authentic villages like Saint-Maximim, picturesque villages like Châteauvert, Vins-sur-Camary or Saint-Zacharie.

The Sainte-Baume National Park

Between the Var and the Bouches-du-Rhône, the Sainte-Baume massif peaks at more than 1000 meters, at the signal of the Béguines. Outdoor enthusiasts will be able to discover different itineraries within the massif. This natural site conceals exceptional fauna and flora, with a relic forest made up of a beech grove. The Sainte-Baume is a land of spirituality, Christian but also pagan. Numerous monuments bear witness to this. Mary Magdalene, a character from the Gospels, is said to have spent the last years of her life praying and meditating in a cave at altitude, occupied since the 5th century by a sanctuary and a church. The Basilica of Saint-Maximin is the most imposing Gothic building in Provence. This religious monument welcomes the de Sainte-Marie-Madeleine. During your walks in the Park, you will sometimes come across partially buried cylindrical constructions. These are ice boxes, which were used to produce on cold winter nights the ice loaves intended for the inhabitants of the Provençal cities.

Museums in the Var department

The Museums in the Var department host a wide variety of collections. We can mention the National Navy Museum in Toulon, the Indochina War Memorial in Fréjus, the Museum of the High Places of the Resistance in Aups…

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