The markets of Sainte-Maxime

This very popular seaside resort on the French Riviera is also backed by a generous and authentic territory, which hosts vineyards, olive groves, farms famous for their cheese and eggs, vegetable gardens cultivated by passionate market gardeners, but also craftsmen and creators who are the heirs of an ancestral know-how. Strolling through the alleys of the markets of Sainte-Maxime, you will discover an authentic and generous Provence.

The covered market

All year round, the covered market opens its doors to Maximoises and Maximois. The exhibitors offer a wide range of food products: fruit and vegetables, garlic, spices, meat and fish, eggs, cheese and cold cuts, honey, olive oil make up a real symphony of colors, scents and flavors to gourmets.

  • Days: Tuesday to Sunday, every day in season.
  • Address: rue Fernand Bessy or Montée de l’Épagneul

The city center market

Every Thursday morning, the downtown market welcomes numerous exhibitors: market gardeners, butchers, cheese makers, fishmongers, producers and craftsmen… You can discover, taste and buy many Var specialties, Provençal olives, oils and aromatic herbs, fruits and vegetables, cheeses and cold cuts, shellfish and fish caught of the day…

  • Days: Thursday morning
  • Address: Place et rue du Marché, place Colbert, rue Courbet, rue Siméon Fabre, place et rue des Sarrasins

The flower patio market (patio fleuri)

This fairground market offers both food products and manufactured goods. You can buy fruits, vegetables and specialities from the Var, or make good deals by buying a hat, a new pair of sunglasses, a piece of clothing, a kitchen utensil or a decorative item for the house.

  • Days: Monday morning (and Friday morning in season)
  • Address: Place du Patio Fleuri

The Mermoz Square Market

This fairground market exclusively hosts stands offering manufactured and handcrafted products. You will be able to make very good deals and find the ideal souvenir of your vacations in Sainte-Maxime. Clothes, fashion accessories, objects for the kitchen or home decoration, bazaar items are waiting for you.

  • Days : Friday morning
  • Address: Place Jean Mermoz

Practical information

You are preparing your vacation in Sainte-Maxime and wish to take advantage of it to visit the most beautiful markets of the region? The information provided on this page is given as a rough guide and may change according to current events or local decisions. You can get in touch with the local Tourist Office for further details.

The most beautiful markets of the Var :

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