Resistance Museum in Nice

Resistance Museum in Nice

Carried by a team of passionate and committed volunteers, the Resistance Museum in Nice offers both a museographic and scenic tour around the theme of resistance on the French Riviera. The many objects exhibited in the various rooms allow visitors to immerse themselves in the daily life of the resistance fighters during the Second World War.

A complete museographic journey

The Resistance Museum recounts, in nine stages, the entire history of armed resistance to the Vichy regime, the Italian and then German occupiers, on the French Riviera. The approach, both educational and entertaining, is aimed at all visitors: families with children, couples or groups.

Aux origines de la guerre (the origins of the War) introduces the elements that lead to the French Resistance, from the rise of fascism in Italy and Germany to the Spanish Civil War, to the defeat leading to the Vichy regime. Several panels allow us to recount this period.

La résistance nationale (the national Resistance) provides a better understanding of the different elements of the French Resistance, presents the singular characteristics of the National Council of the Resistance, refers to the general insurrection until the coming to power of the movements under the authority of General de Gaulle.

La victoire (the victory) focuses on the end of the fighting in Europe, highlighting the price paid by the resistance fighters, while discussing the achievements of the National Council of the Resistance.

La déportation et l’internement (the deportation and the internment) testify, in two rooms, to the hell of the concentration camp world. The conditions of internment are explained, and a work of memory is carried out.

Le maquis (the maquis) focuses on a particular aspect of this armed resistance in rural areas, with the staging of an airdrop and the use of the material thus recovered by the resistance fighters.

L’imprimerie clandestine (the underground printing press) allows visitors to better understand one of the essential aspects of the French Resistance: offering information different from the information of the legal press, which was subject to the propaganda of the Vichy regime and the occupier.

La vie quotidienne (daily life) takes an interest in the obsession with food at a time when shortages reigned. A second room deals with the danger of the bombings.

La Résistance régionale (the regional Resistance) explains the emergence, structuring and actions of the French Resistance movements in Nice and on the French Riviera.

Finally, Les derniers combats (the last fighting) shed light on the liberation of the Alpes-Maritimes territory by American paratroopers, the forces of the first French army and the Maquis.

Activities and events

The Resistance Museum is at the initiative of an international film festival on the Resistance, which allows visitors to discover or rediscover French and foreign movies dealing with this period. Publications of 8 to 16 pages are regularly published by the museum to document this dark period of our History.

An educational work is carried out with children and grade-schoolers. The collection of more than 8,000 archival documents and 850 items is also partially accessible online, on the museum’s website.

Practical information

  • Visiting time: approximately an hour and a half
  • Opening days: free entrance from Monday to Friday
  • Schedule: from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Address: Nice la Plaine 1- Bât A2 – Avenue Simone Veil – 06200 Nice
  • Website:

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