Itinerary in Provence:

gourmet workshops

What about a foody outing in Provence? Ride along the pretty Provencal roads lined with lavender and olive and almond trees to the Provencal treasures of our gourmet workshops. These 6 outstanding places put man, the territory, and the terroir at the heart of their future project!

Aix-en-Provence, le Roy René

A few kilometres from the centre of the town of Aix-en-Provence, la Fabrique du Roy René opens its doors to you. Set in the middle of young almond trees, the Musée du Calisson reveals all its secrets. In this Bâtiment Durable Méditerranéen-labelled building, modernity and memories of bygone days sweep you off into the gourmet world of the calisson. Discover the hundred-year-old know-how of this family confectionery whose fame has remained alive since 1920. Wander around the sublime Roy René shop before going around the very recreational museum: digital screens and explanatory panels trace the history of the calisson which is to be eaten (almost) without moderation! Take a peek through the glass windows where you can get a glance at the work of the confectioners in the workshop.

Where can you find them?  Confiserie du Roy René 5380 Route d’Avignon (RD7N) – 13089 Aix en Provence –

Roussillon, la Maison Brémond 1830

In 1830, Maison Brémond set up its delicatessen in Aix-en-Provence which then became the commercial capital of the almond. A number of boutiques rapidly sprang up, becoming a real must in the towns of the South and beyond the borders but you’ll be able to find out more in Roussillon. Known as the Provençal Colorado, this little bit of paradise with its ochre colours is something you shouldn’t miss if you’re nearby. And don’t forget to visit Maison Brémond’s historic olive oil mill and the very beautiful shop in the middle of the village. Enjoy the sights and their products from the Provencal and Mediterranean terroir!

Where can you find them? 21 rue Richard Casteau, 84220 Roussillon

Banon, confiserie-chocolaterie Leblanc

Next stop in the charming village of Banon, at the foot of the Plateau du Contadour for a breath of Provencal air. The food-lovers among you will immediately recognize the village where the delicious goat’s cheese of the same name saw the light. But today is more for those of you who have a sweet tooth! Come and see the workshops of the Confiserie Chocolaterie Leblanc. You won’t leave its shop empty-handed! A window reveals all the steps in making the precious Leblanc delicacies: chocolates, fruit jellies, spreads and coated fruit are all waiting to be devoured!

Where can you find it? Le Puy – 04150 Banon

Volx, The Ecomusée « L’Olivier »

Welcome to Volx! The Ecomusée L’Olivier, the only one of its kind, has been set up in a rather unusual place: enter the former lime kiln which dates back to the early 20th century, and discover the living culture of the olive tree in a way you’ve never imagined! Here, your 5 senses will be awakened in an interactive and audiovisual discovery of the civilization of the mythical olive tree. Mythology, know-how, craft, harvesting, making: a 36° experience to learn all about it! Wander from one showcase to the next where the items exhibited conjure up the past and present culture of this emblematic tree of Provence. A stop off at the shop cum grocers to complete your visit and why not have lunch at « Le Petit Ribier », the ecomusée’s restaurant to taste their bistro-type food made with fresh, local products!

Where can you find it? RD13, ancienne route de Forcalquier – 04130 Volx

Mane, the “caramelerie”

You’ll be sure to love the beautiful stone houses in the village of Mane. Stop off at the Musée de Salagon devoted to the heritage of Haute Provence and, just opposite, the “Caramelerie”. You’ll be charmed by the big garden full of flowers which has become home to many butterflies. Behind large glass panels, you can see the workshop and get some insight into the history of how caramels were made in the 1950s. Copper cauldrons and age-old machines work in harmony to make the delicious little cubes of caramel wrapped in gold paper. Now that you’re salivating, the shop will fulfill all your desires: salted butter caramel, coffee-pistachio or calisson flavour, it’s up to you!

Where can you find it? Les Condamines 04300 Mane-France

Forcalquier, the Biscuiterie

Open the door and follow your nose! At the entrance to the village of Forcalquier, in an old stone building which was once an old forge, the Biscuiterie has made its home. With their age-old know-how, they’re serious about the products which make the fame of these Provencal biscuits. Made with organic farm flours from farmers in the region, a wide range of specialities are just waiting for you in the shop. Before tasting them, look at the work being done by the craftsmen making the famous almond and fruit macaroons, croquants, sablés and the famous Navettes de Provence.

Where can you find it? 28 Avenue Saint Promasse – 04300 Forcalquier