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Top 10 Specialities in the Region Sud

In Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, meal times are an opportunity to get together, laugh, raise your glasses and savour the produce of this exceptional area. Discover our mouth-watering selection of Région Sud specialities from aperitifs to after-dinner liqueurs!

Brighten up your aperitifs

Today’s menu : tapenade and rosé 

If you want to honour the gastronomy of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, settle down at a pretty, sun-drenched terrace with your friends to savour a generous tapenade with fresh, crispy bread. Opt for a Côtes de Provence AOC rosé wine – a genuine treat for the palate. A bit of time to spare? Make your own tapenade! Grind up some black olives, capers and Herbes de Provence. Add some anchovy fillets and garlic if you’re a purist, or some ground almonds if you’re feeling adventurous!

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Cool down with a glass of “Cidre de Glace”

Apple des Cimes

Apples shiver in the cold air of the Hautes-Alpes…but with delight! The expert hands of the passionate, six-strong Apple des Cimes team transform them into an exceptional cider perfect for every table – including those of the Région Sud’s top gastronomic chefs. If you’ve got some nice foie gras in the fridge, their “Pomme Givrée” cider offers the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity to honour it. An upside-down cake fresh from the oven? Treat your guests to the caramelized aromas of the “Pomme Rôtie” cider. Success guaranteed!

Succumb to panisses and chichis


If you’re strolling on Marseille’s Old Port (Vieux Port), don’t forget to sample the local “panisses” – a sort of pancake made with chickpea flour, oil and browned in the oven or pan, before dipping in the sauce of your choice. A simple, traditional and delicious tribute to the city’s gastronomic traditions. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, stop off in the Estaque quarter and choose your stall. A drizzle of oil, a dash of flour, a drop of orange flower water, a sprinkling of icing sugar and voilà: an authentic “chichi” long doughnut you can relish while gazing out at the Med.

End your meal in style

Tomme de l’Ubaye cheese

The end of the meal is nigh! How about adding some excitement to your cheese platter? Take the frank and rustic character of the Tomme de l’Ubaye and add the powerful and unexpected taste of génépi liqueur, an Alpine cousin of absinth. Simply push open the door to the Barcelonnette dairy to discover this Alpine speciality cheese. For an extra-special culinary feast, you can pair your Tomme and génépi with honey bread: its sweet taste contrasts deliciously with the power of the génépi, striking a fabulous balance.

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Discover the black gold of Provence

Market in Aups

Discover the succulent world of truffles at the Marché d’Aups ! Simply head to Place Frédéric Mistral on Wednesdays and Thursdays to learn all about this exceptional product. A hub of tradition, culture and gastronomy, this is a great opportunity to chat with local truffle growers on their stands – they will be delighted to share their passion for the “black diamond ” with you. You’ll also be able to pick up some valuable tips on selecting and preparing fresh truffles to embellish your dishes. Look out for delicate veins, a heady perfume and firm texture.

Taste the Creamy Brebis Brigasque 

Vallouise and Briançon’s markets

Set out to meet Jean-Baptiste and Amélie Martin at the markets of Vallouise and Briançon. Specializing in “brebis brigasque” ewe farming, they will be delighted to offer you a taste of the wares of this beautiful and rare breed. Fancy something creamy to finish off your meal? Their yoghurts will make you melt… Flavoured with natural aromas of verbena, juniper or hyssop, they are all hand-made with love, authenticity and quality ingredients – and crowned with an Organic label: better make sure you have a roomy bag with you!

Savour Sisteron lamb

Le Mas des Saveurs restaurant

Unbeatable tender and sweet, “Agneau de Sisteron” is one of the Region Sud’s star products. If you have a penchant for exceptional culinary experiences, you can savour it at the Provencal restaurant Le Mas des Saveurs. The establishment’s signature dish, you’ll find genuine “Agneau de Sisteron” here in every shape and form, crowned with a Red Label. And if you’re a budding chef, prepare some Sisteron lamb fillets with an aubergine caviar, rosemary and a pinch of Camargue sea salt – your guests will be overjoyed!

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Wow your palate with the wines of Laetitia

Allemand vineyard

If you enjoy a good story, get ready to drink in the words of Laetitia Allemand ! After an exciting and successful 15-year career in journalism and writing, this young woman has now taken up the reins of the family vineyard. From “Petit Plaisirs” perfect for casual get-togethers to “Théüsiens” firmly anchored in the local terroir, or the mini “Prestiges” bottles, Domaine Allemand knows how to please even the most demanding connoisseurs. Round off your tasting session with the Mollard grape, unique in the French Alps.

Pierce the secret of honey with Jean-Louis

Pays de Grasse

his honey maker in the Pays de Grasse area is worth his weight in gold! Awarded the highest distinction at the prestigious “Concours Général Agricole de Paris” agricultural fair, Jean-Louis Lautard is a king bee… Step into the wings of his succulent world, from the hive to the fragrant shelves of the boutique filled with the finest pots of gold. Rosemary, lavender or all-flower: simply pick the honey of your dreams and get ready for a firework display of flavours.

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Cook like a Chef 👨‍🍳

Institut Gastronomie Riviera

Ever dreamed of being a top chef? The cookery and pastry-making classes hosted by the Institut Gastronomique Riviera in Seillans are sure to make you starry-eyed! You can opt for a culinary morning or gastronomic evening, with two leading chefs guiding you from the range to the oven… A whole world of flavours, spices and professional techniques awaits you, topped with swirls of steam and good humour! Your kids can join in the fun too with the “Tout Petits” workshops concocted specially for little chefs!

Become a Bouillabaisse expert

Le Miramar gastronomic restaurant

Most people go Le Miramar in Marseille with the firm intention of feasting on the house speciality: bouillabaisse of Marseille! A genuine local institution, the restaurant now offers budding chefs a chance to learn how to make this classic Provencal dish like a pro. And you can enjoy tasting your creation with your fellow cooks after your class.